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The Salem Witch Trials: A Sociological View
The Sociological Explanation
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How does an event such as the Salem Witch Trials occur in human history? The witch trials had the citizens of Salem afraid, afraid to appear unusual in the eyes of their neighbors, afraid that those who disliked them could at any time accuse them of witchcraft, afraid of their own town. And for many this fear came true. Nineteen accused witches were hanged at Gallows Hill, one was pressed to death under heavy stones, and many others died in prison. What happened in Salem can only be described as hysteria. What could have influenced the people of Salem to act in this hysterical manner?

The Salem Whitch Trials was a very controversial event, spawning many books, movies, and campfire tales. People should look back on this event and learn from it. Take to heart the tragedy that was the Salem Witch Trials.